Thursday, 1 October 2015

on the value of sustainable farming

ASC-certified salmon is on sale in mainland Europe, but is not currently being stocked by UK supermarkets. Photograph: ASC

A recent article on the Guardian wonders
"Is it OK to eat farmed salmon now?".

Well, of course it is. From a safety point of view, farmed fish are safer than wild ones, since in aquaculture HACCP and ISO22000 are applied.

From a sustainability point of view, now aquaculture is trying to become more aware of the bigger picture and to address the paradox we have there.

The paradox is this: we need FishOil (FO) to make fish feeds to produce fish. At the moment, we are (over-) fishing wild sardines to get FO. If numbers of sardines go down though, how can we have FO?

This is a major issue we need to address. Some ideas have been described here and here.

Yannis Zabetakis

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