Sunday, 30 August 2015

this is a "War" for a good reason!

Delighted with this piece of news!

Just what the doctor ordered: Jamie Oliver declares war on sugar

It is interesting to pay some attention on how the food industry reacts...

" Ian Wright, a spokesman for the Food and Drink Federation, told the Grocer magazine: “It’s up to parents to decide what kids watch and what they eat and it’s certainly not up to self-appointed but ill-judged characters like Jamie Oliver.” He further argued that the Oliver manifesto would be a “curtailment of freedom and personal responsibility. The world will have gone mad if we have a TV chef deciding health policy. What’s next, would we have economic policy decided by Ian Beale?” It’s a silly thing to say. Ian Beale (from EastEnders) is a fictional character for starters, but Wright is worth quoting in full because it illustrates the type of backlash Oliver can expect when he wades into this territory."

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in Europe today, overweight people is one of most important problems that needs to be addressed in an effective and holistic way.
Being overweight/ obese can cause Cardiovascular Diseases and Diabetes type II, and these diseases are affecting millions of people today (eg. in UK the most recent data are here )

So, good on Jamie for his "war" against Sugar!

A constructive way forward though would be to work all together (Academics and Industry) to make these drinks and those sweets more healthy, more nutritious, with less simple sugars, more complex sugars.

Let's try to substitute sugar but at the same time keep the flavour... Not easy but not unfeasible!

Yannis Zabetakis

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