Friday, 28 August 2015

on the value of education, training and more education

When I was a teenager, I have been training for 2 years at sprints. Since then (1987,1988) I had a disgust for doping (Ben Johnson era was then) and the dubious former USSR and US athletes with extra big muscles...
Since then, I could not understand how some countries can produce again and again good sprinters.
Here is an insight on how Jamaica trains and educates young people.

Here is an extract

"Behind me, the bleachers were a heaving, swaying mass of people, chanting, cheering, singing, dancing and banging drums. They included children, parents, mothers with babies; and there was a constant buzz, like a billion mosquitoes – vuvuzelas. Officially, the crowd was 30,000, the old venue’s seated capacity, but it was a river in spate, poised to burst its banks and spill on to the track.
The occasion was Champs, Jamaica’s secondary schools’ athletics championships. That’s right: schools. This Premier League-sized crowd was watching schoolchildren run, jump and throw. But mainly run, extremely fast"

Enjoy the reading and keep running! It makes you feel good!

Yannis Zabetakis

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