Tuesday, 30 June 2015

a gang against People

this is a comment I left on the Guardian 

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Dear Editor, I would like to congradulate the Guardian team for your stance on Greek crisis. It would be helpful for your readers to present few bullet points on the DEVASTATING effect that the bailout programme had to people in Greece.


brain drain,


loss of income,

number of homeless.

In the latest news, it was emerged yesterday that the cancer unit at the children's hospital in Athens (Paidon) has now only doctor to run it...

If this is the effect of bailout, then why Junker (remember LUXLEAKS) and Dijsselbloem (with his "amended" cv http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/dutch-finance-minister-amends-cork-university-degree-error-29195279.html) want Greeks to continue a programme that leads nowhere but to the slow death of all of us?

If this the definition of EU democracy, then I am sorry but I am going to opt out.

Unless, people in EU understand at last that these 2 guys are part of a gang that operates without democracy and transparency and sth needs to be changed...

The dilemna is simple for all people in Europe! Eurogroup, Commision and all these fancifully named committees do NOT serve the people but the oligarchs...  

Why do we accept it?

Yannis Zabetakis

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