Saturday, 20 June 2015

a comment on "The Greek people voted against austerity – why is the EU ignoring this? "

Austerity does NOT work anywhere! Look at the number of people in UK living under the poverty borderline...look at the wages of the German workers...look at the figures of youth unemployment not only in Greece but in all european south...This article is spot on for EU's inability to understand the result of last elections in Greece but could be more ...European! Greece is not the only place in EU that internal deflation has been tried and massively failed. Look at the fiscal policies of Merkel and Cameron for their own countries...

P.S. Why do you think that Scots and Catalans want to go independent? The vote at the elections of 25th January 2015 in Greece was like a YES to the Scottish referendum. People in Greece can not pay more taxes in vain...and at the same time Hospitals and Universities are ruined. Some more data are here

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