Monday, 25 May 2015

Let the oceans inspire you!

Dive into oceans education with our collection of lesson ideas. Photograph: Alamy

the linked article contains some amazing examples on how we all can enrich our teaching...


Teaching about oceans can float a whole raft of creative lesson ideas. From transforming your classroom into a submarine or getting students to create fish and chips displays with marine-friendly messages, the vast expanse of the seas can be explored in many ways.

The classroom submarine

When Ben Culverhouse, then a year 5 teacher at The Manor Church of England primary school in South Gloucestershire, wanted to get children excited about ocean wonders he turned his classroom into a submarine.
The idea came to him after seeing the play Kursk, set on board a British attack submarine. Culverhouse got in touch with the show’s director who emailed him submarine digital sound effects. “I set up a sub interior control room as my whiteboard screensaver and used a red light bulb for silent operations such as reading,” says Culverhouse.
As the eight-week project developed, the children made models of underwater creatures including papier-mache pufferfish, and hung them around the classroom.
“We used the submarine to ‘travel’ to a certain point in the ocean each lesson,” says Culverhouse. “For example, in one class we went to the Mariana Trench to look at deep-sea life forms which we then wrote about. I asked children to explain why the underwater creatures had huge eyes and strange appearances.”
For geography, Culverhouse explored the locations of the oceans and continents around the world. He also gave a lesson on navigation, plotting a course using marker buoys and compass directions, to introduce maths skills.
The class even studied Robert Louis Stevenson’s seafaring classic Treasure Island for their literature unit in the submarine classroom. They wrote character studies of the narrator Jim Hawkins and the villainous Long John Silver, as well as their own sea-based adventure stories.

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