Thursday, 30 April 2015

το Κυριακάτικο ραντεβού μας στο Real FM 97.8 Αθήνα και 107.1 Θεσ/νίκη

Την Κυριακή 26.4.2015 το πρωί, εκεί λίγο πριν τις 8 μαζί με τον πρωινό μας καφέ θα συνεχίσουμε την κουβέντα μας με τον Πολυλογά της παρέας μας (aka Γιώργο Ψάλτη) στον αέρα του Real FM για
φρούτα, εντομοκτόνα και ικανότητα αναπαραγωγής 

In the study, Chavarro and his colleagues analyzed 338 semen samples from 155 men seeking fertility treatment at a clinic in Boston from 2007 through 2012. The men were between ages 18 and 55.
The researchers surveyed the men about their diets, including how often they ate different types of fruits and vegetables. Scientists divided the foods into groups of high, moderate or low pesticide residues, based on annual pesticide data from the United States Department of Agriculture. [Pesticides Lurk in Fruits & Veggies (Infographic)]
Experts look at three factors when assessing male fertility: sperm count (number of cells), sperm morphology (shape) and sperm motility (swimming ability).
The results showed that the men who ate the most pesticide-laden fruit and vegetables had an average sperm count of 86 billion sperm per ejaculate, compared with the 171 million sperm produced by the men with the lowest pesticide intake.
"The difference in total sperm count between the highest and lower intakes was almost 50 percent," Chavarro told Live Science. "That's a big, big difference."

κλείνω μουσικά και πάω να πιάσω τον Μάη

Θες να πάμε μία βόλτα, σε μια χώρα μαγική,
Όπου όλοι διασκεδάζουν, λεν πως είναι ειδικοί,
Μα αν γελάσεις έχεις χάσει, λέει ο κανονισμός,
Και αν τολμήσεις να χορέψεις, σε απειλεί o αποκλεισμός.

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