Monday, 19 January 2015

The Public Eye Lifetime Award

After 15 years of the Public Eye initiative, it is time to take stock. In 2015, the naming & shaming award will be given out in the ultimate category: The Public Eye Lifetime Award. All the nominees are former Public Eye Award winners. One last time, you can cast your vote and have a say in which company should get the ultimate award of shame for its irresponsible business practices.

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we can vote until 22nd January 2015.

Glencore won my vote...

Why Glencore Should Get the Lifetime Award

The merger with Xstrata in 2013 turned Glencore, the biggest diversified commodity trading company, into one of the biggest mining companies in the world. The giant’s adverse business impact is thus not limited to Colombia. In Argentina, several legal proceedings for environmental pollution are being brought against a mining company in which Glencore has a 50% stake. In the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Glencore is accused of profiting from child labor. In Zambia, Glencore’s subsidiary Mopani Copper Mines has successfully avoided paying profit tax – despite a copper price boom – and is thus diminishing the potential benefits for the country and its people. Glencore’s global presence and market power stand in no relation to its meager efforts to mitigate adverse impacts on human rights and the environment.

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