Friday, 26 December 2014

Food fraud prevention – beyond adulterants and to decision-making

Publication date: 24 December 2014
Author: John Spink, Assistant Professor and Director of the Food Fraud Initiative, Michigan State University / Douglas C. Moyer, Assistant Professor, Program in Public Health, Michigan State University

The types of food fraud include7:
  • Adulteration (including substitution, concealment, dilution)
  • Theft (including shoplifting and cargo theft)
  • Tampering (including date code tampering and unauthorised refilling; also could be considered product-related mislabelling)
  • Unauthorised production over-runs (including excess or post-contract production)
  • Diversion (including smuggling, parallel trade, and illegal grey market)
  • Simulation (illegal knock-offs)
  • Counterfeiting (intellectual property rights violations of trademark, trade dress, patent, or copyright).

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