Monday, 20 October 2014

the power of food

Jack Monroe. Photograph: Pål Hansen for Observer Food Monthly

the news that are coming from UK  about the Observer Food Monthly awards are somehow encouraging.

The Observer and The Guardian have somehow let me down quite few times this year with their shortsighted views on ISIS, on austerity, on Cameron, on UKIP and most of all on their non-stance on the Scottich Referendum

But this time, I think they got it right!

The best food blog for 2014 is the one of Jack Monroe.

"Monroe made inventive use of cheap supermarket goods, spending just £10 a week on food and writing up the recipes on her blog, which quickly found a large audience who related to her story."

Now, the likes of Merkel, Cameron et al may use her wisdom to teach Europeans how we can live on a budget!

Yannis Zabetakis
Assistant Professor of Food Chemistry


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