Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The Heart of Olympiacos against the money of Manchester United

on the above link, I have commented:

with Moyes on the bench, ManU has no luck on the 19th next month! Moyes has proved this season that basic rules of modern football are beyond his coaching grasp!

The highlights of his miserable ManU carreer are:
1. the home 2-2 draw with Fulham (81 crosses in 94mins; if this is not football of the '60s what is it, then?) and
2. the fact that last night the only proper chance of ManU to score took place in the last ten mins of the game (VanPersie's shot).

 As a fan of Leeds United and Olympiacos, I am flying today up in the 7th sky! I am truly delighted.

The reasons are these:

last night we lived another game that makes you adore football where BUDGETS mean nothing! Olympiacos scored two fantastic goals against the millionaires of ManU...This is the true beauty of Football, isn't it?

Moyes, please stay as coach in ManU.

19th March 2014, I am going to be in Old Trafford (with my Dad) to support the Greek champions and (hopefully) celebrate an epic result!

P.S. (for the likes of Moyes, Rooney et al): given that Olympiacos is capable to score at least once in Old Trafford, ManU needs 4 goals... How will ManU manage to score 4 goals against Olympiacos?

P.S.2.if you wish to relive last night, click here... :)

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