Wednesday, 8 January 2014

when Paterson makes no sense...

Owen Paterson told Oxford Farming Conference that there was 'compelling evidence' GM crops could benefit farmers and consumers. Photograph: David Hartley

Failure to embrace will leave Europe as a "museum" while other countries race ahead: UK enviro secretary.

my comment

what's wrong with the or le ?
Full of s ! p.s. I prefer to live in a ...food_science "museum" rather than toxifying my kids' future

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Yannis Zabetakis said...

Do we care? Should we? Is this a cynical marketing ploy or a huge deal or both? (It certainly isn’t neither.)

Without question this could be the start of something big. That it has value to Cheerios and to anti-G.M.O. activists is also undoubtedly true; the question is whether it matters to the rest of us. It does; but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.