Sunday, 26 January 2014

think outside the omega3 box

the 7 countries study (Keys A, Menotti A, Aravanis C, et al. 1984. The Seven Countries Study: 2,289 deaths in 15 years. Prev Med 13(2): 141-54) that has shown that olive oil, whole fish (NOT omega3) and red wine hold some cardiovascular secrets...

For months now, I have been writting that omega3 PUFAs are NOT active against CardioVascular Diseases (CVDs).

As a matter of fact, my colleagues (Smaragdi and Constantinos) and myself, we have written a commentary for the website of the International Atherosclerosis Society, here (published January 2013, one year ago). 

That commentary was part of the paper that has been published in the Journal of Food Science last summer with the title "Food Security and Cardioprotection: The Polar Lipid Link" (the full paper is available here).

In this JFS paper, every possible effort has been made in order to show that GMO plants producing omega3 PUFAs is NOT the right way forward...therefore, this Guardian article is based in wrong Science...

The way forward is to exploit sustainable sources of polar lipids and NOT to create shortsighted GM plants...

Ioannis Zabetakis
Assistant Professor of Food Science
Univ. of Athens

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