Sunday, 5 January 2014

the value of beekeeping

Honey, which is already produced in Tigray, Ethiopia, could provide a livelihood for young adults, of whom 30% in the country are unemployed. Photograph: Matthew Newsome for the Guardian

In Food Politics, things are dead simple. Producing Food is Power! And producing food is the only tool to create jobs and thus development. These are basic economical tools that the likes of troika, IMF and the political gang that they obey them should have learnt during their Uni studies. The news about the 21y old Gebre (in Ethiopia) who produces honey and honey gives him the power (i.e. money) to make plans for him and his family are truly encouraging!

The example of Gebre should be studied really carefully in Southern Europe where producing and exporting quality food is a vital economics and financial and also political tool to create added value, wealth and …happiness! However, as long as we are ruled by stupid and corrupted politicians, there is no future…at all! Happy 2014! May this year we get rid of some stupid and corrupted leaders…

Yannis Zabetakis

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