Thursday, 2 January 2014

New Year's Day @ Elland Road

2014 has started with a really good game in Elland Road.
Leeds United entertained Blackburn Rovers (or should I say that Rovers entertained Leeds?).
Leeds is suffering this year in the middle.

There is a lot of talking here in Yorkshire that the team needs a defender, a midfielder and a striker but personally I think the team needs 3 midfielders...

One to help the defence, type of Agger player or Bowyer.

One to help McCormack and create attacks, type Cascoigne. And a back up.

In this way, McCormack, the only true-quality player in Leeds United squad at the moment can be liberated and play up in front but we need two quality players to feed the ball to McCormack...

The 1st goal of Blackburn Rovers yesterday started "thanks" to tragic errors in the midfield.

The second goal (see photo below) was poor defending.

Last but no least, a taller goalie is also needed.

So, 3 midfielders and one goalie, I would suggest...

The amazing thing yesterday, is that DESPITE the poor quality of the team, we, the People in Leeds still support our team; 30,145 was the attendance yesterday in Elland Road!

Happy footie 2014!

May ManU keep losing!

Yannis Zabetakis @ Elland Road reporting for "environmentfood" 

The second goal of Blackburn Rovers...a header from a corner kick...very poor defending...

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