Monday, 27 January 2014

με όποιον Δάσκαλο καθίσεις...

σήμερα, λέω να μην γράψω για τις νίκες που κάναμε

τόσο στα projunior (αναμενόμενη πια... 4-2 την Δάφνη) αλλά και
στα junior με τον Ναθάνιελ πορτιέρο (1-2 τον Χαλκηδονικό και επιτέλους ξεκολλήσαμε από την τελευταία θέση στον όμιλό μας!)

αλλά για τον προπονητή μας!

Δίπλα στον Κώστα τον Στεφάνου, και τα 2 μου τα παιδιά έχουν βρει ένα περιβάλλον μάθησης και παιχνιδιού με αλληλοσεβασμό και αξιοθαύμαστο επαγγελματισμό!

Ο Κώστας και μπάλα ξέρει αλλά εξ'ίσου σημαίνον ξέρει ΚΑΙ πώς να μεταδώσει όσα ξέρει!

Η μπάλα κάτω και παίζουμε την μπαλίτσα μας, με καλή κυκλοφορία και ομαδικότητα αλλά και fair play!

Και ας χάνουμε! [δεν πειράζει!]

Σήμερα, διάβασα κάτι που μου θύμισε τον Κώστα και σας το μεταφέρω εδώ αυτούσιο

με ένα Ευχαριστώ για τον Κώστα! (είναι ένα κείμενο που εκθειάζει δυο προπονητές που δεν παίζουν ποδόσφαιρο σκοπιμότητας αλλά την μπάλα κάτω ! αλά Άτταλος! )

Πάμε Άτταλος!

Γιάννης Ζ.

There are different interpretations about the meaning of bravery in football. For some, it is about throwing yourself into tackles, winning your headers and playing with full-blooded commitment – John Terry is the bravest man who ever lived in this scenario – but for others, courage is about sticking to your principles and attempting to playyour brand of football, even there is a danger of that leading to embarrassment against superior sides. Few teams were as admirable as Roberto Martínez's Wigan Athletic, simply because of their belief that they could beat anyone on their day – and although they eventually went down, their approach did bring them an FA Cup and what Wigan fan will ever forget that victory over Manchester City?
Brendan Rodgers and Eddie Howe both fall into the second category, the pair belonging to a new breed of managers who are resolute in their belief that a football belongs on the floor. For Howe, it would have been easy to ask his Bournemouth side to go route one against Rodgers's Liverpool but that is not the Bournemouth way. Instead the Championship side played some lovely football in the first half – Rodgers was not being patronising when he praised them afterwards – and with a greater cutting edge, they could have given their illustrious opponents a bigger scare.
"I think the difficult thing if you don't get instant results is to stick with it," Howe said. "That is one of the things I have admired about Brendan. Every day, every game, regardless of the result, to be truly successful you have to do it. That is why we played the way we did today. We knew it as going to be very difficult to out-football Liverpool but we attempted it.
"The thing is, you can't have it both ways. Because if you do go route one and you don't get results, you're out the door quicker than you can think. So this way, it does buy you more time, but you do have to generate results, and obviously that's the aim for us: to be competitive at Championship level and hopefully move forward one day.
"Some [players] will pretend that they want to play football, but ultimately when you ask them to do it in a pressurised environment, they can't do it or they won't do it. So I think everyone's got different mental strengths. Some players want that escape clause, if you can call it that, to go long. And there's nothing wrong with that, but that's not how we do things, so it wouldn't work for us."
Losing didn't work for Bournemouth either but they could still take heart from their performance and Rodgers disagreed when it was put to him that the hosts had been "too nice". As he pointed out, it is no use relishing blood and thunder one minute and then wondering why the England team is technically deficient the next. It can only be a positive for English football if managers are willing to take risks and allow their players to make mistakes, while the game will surely improve if that philosophy spreads in the lower leagues. Jacob Steinberg

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