Saturday, 7 December 2013

Alphabet (by Mike Timms)

Mike Timms taught in the School of Psychology at University College Dublin for many years until he retired in 2009. 

After this, he walked the Camino from Carcassonne in France to Santiago in Spain - and on to Fisterra. 

On his return to Ireland, he started to write poetry and later went on to perform it in venues around the city of Dublin. 

He was "spotted" as a performer and was fortunate to be cast in a few small roles on television programmes such as "Ripper Street" and "Game of Thrones" and now, while he continues to perform his poetry, he attends Acting School. 

I met Mike last Wednesday night when my research quest took me to Ireland (Ire-land, Ire- from Irene) at the footsteps of UCD Food Science and Agriculture. 

D.U.B. on Wednesday night (a night of Poetry and Music) was a True and Valued Experience, it was the venue where I heard the following poet by Mike.


Abide, Belong, Connect, Divide,

The alphabet was doing well – spitting out its A – B – C.

The problem started when it got to D,

And lost the plot and couldn’t see

That what was needed was some guide

To take us safely past ‘Divide’,

And Death and Downcast, Doom and Dread,

And head on freely for full-on Fun, some Frolics and Well Fed.

But if we exile dreadful D

Perhaps you can agree with me

We will achieve a mighty feat,

But our old alphabet won’t be complete.

                                                    Mike Timms (2012)

the following video has been shooted at D.U.B. and this is how the Wednesday night of Poetry and Music ended...


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