Monday, 30 September 2013

new evidence on the link of omega-3 fatty acids and heart disease

The projected increase in world population and therefore demand for food in the foreseeable future pose some risks on how secure is the food production system today. Millions of people are threatened by malnutrition, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs), diabetes, and obesity. This is a multidimensional challenge: the production of food needs to be increased but also the quality of food needs to be improved so less people suffer from undernourishment and CVDs. This hypothesis paper addresses this problem by critically evaluating recent developments on the role of food components against CVDs, presenting recent insights for assessing the nutritional value of food and suggesting novel approaches toward the sustainable production of food that would, in turn, lead to increased food security. The issue of the sustainability of lipid sources and genetically modified crops is discussed here from a food security point of view.

Further new evidence on the link (if any...) between omega-3 fatty acids and Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) is now publicly available:


Sth novel is needed in order to protect people from CVDs. This novel product needs to be free of side-effects like the ones that statins have...

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