Friday, 20 September 2013

Hell and High Water

I have met David Bradley few months ago...through some science tweets,

since then we became friends and I am contributing (when I can) at

This morning, while writting a book and keeping an eye (with the other eye) on tweets...

I came across this song of David's

Hell and High Water

Give my love, to the waves
Send me home, on a wind that saves
If I ride the sea, or sail away
Will you carry me back, home again?
Give my time, to the pain
If I miss you, would you sail with me again?
Give my love, to the water
Then I can find my way back, to where I ought to be
You will know. Call me by name
Know how much I feel. It’s always the same
I’m floating on a wake of trouble. I wish you wherry on your way
Send my love to the waves, get me out of this trouble, or sail me to hell all the way
Give my love, to the waves
Send me home, on a wind that saves
Floating on a wake of trouble
I wish you wherry on your way
I wish you on the waves out of trouble
Sail me to hell, all the way

Words and Blues by David Bradley
Recorded at ScienceBass Studios
Electric guitar and vocals – DB


well done, David for combining Music and Science in a melodic and forward-thinking way :)

Yannis (Ioannis) Zabetakis


David Bradley said...

Very kind of you to highlight my latest song! It doesn't have an awful lot to do with science but I guess I could reverse engineer the lyrics to have some kind of environmental meaning :-)

In fact, maybe they already do, and I just didn't realise until've got me thinking

Yannis Zabetakis said...

hell and water are linked in so many Science books from Alchemists to ...Harry Potter and now DB @ sciencebase :)

P.S. happy to see that "I've got u thinking"

Yannis Zabetakis said...

background story

and also some ...related data

Yannis Zabetakis said...

Dozens more researchers this week joined the fray in a row over how regulators should assess the risks of potentially dangerous chemicals used in everything from plastics to pesticides.