Tuesday, 16 July 2013

strike today...why do we need to care?

Being a Professor at the Univ. of Athens, I have suffered more than 30% reduction of net income over the past 3 years...although I am not "directly" affected by the new legislation to be voted tomorrow, I am taking part in the action today and the overnight protest tonight at the House of Parliament.

This bill will cause the speeding up of the destruction of primary and secondary education and related infrastructure.

My children (now at primary) will suffer great in the years to come.

Today, Education should be treated as No 1 political strategy as a development tool and the Government should invest in Teachers and Schools...

In fact, they do the opposite, leading the young generation to poor education and forcing them to jobs (if any...) with monthly salaries in the range of 400-500 euros...

This is the Troika-Samaras' administration disasterous plan for Greece...

Yannis Zabetakis

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