Saturday, 23 March 2013

nuclear power...from a food security point of view

Hinkley Point's existing nuclear power station is scheduled to close in 2023. Photograph: Nik Taylor Wildlife/Alamy

The news from UK's government plans on building a new nuclear power station are very worrying.
The "funny" thing (if you can call it funny and not ...tragic!) is the name of the place where this power station is going to be built: "Hinkley Point" (in Somerset).
Having devoted some time/research efforts on the cross-contamination of our food chain due to the Greek Hinkley (Asopos), reading this news on Hinkley Point in Somerset, this article came back to mind: "How many Hinkleys are there in Greece?" (Athens News, 25.2.2012).

this photo is from that article...

Fishermen crowd around suffocated fish in the Maliakos Gulf last month. Environmental transgressions that go unchecked can lead to collapses of industries like fishing, farming and tourism

The most worrying, from a food security point of view, problem is that even today there is no clear provision for the sustainable disposal of nuclear waste! i.e. where does it end up? which water bed is affected? which soil is affected and what is the use of that soil? 

P.S here are some further thoughts on weaknesses that remain in developing new nuclear

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