Saturday, 23 February 2013

exam question on horse meat scandal and an excellent answer

There are some things that make me really proud of my students!

Like their answers at this exam question (I asked them yesterday on the 7th semester module that I teach on food quality assurance and HACCP)

"in the horse meat scandal, state wich legislation can be used in order to take legal action against companies and authorities"

"Legal action could be based on the following articles
1. EC 178/2002, article No 7, "the precaution principle",
2. EC 178/2002, article No 18, "traceability",
3. EC 178/2002, article No 14 and 19, on the hazards of food,
4. EC 178/2002, article No 53, 'product recall",
5. EC 852/2004, articles No 10 and 15 and
6. EC 1881/2006, article No 1 (on the chemical hazards in food) 

Have the authorities in EU implemented any fines based on these articles? If yes, when and to shich companies? If not, why not? 

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