Friday, 9 November 2012

the food and the future of our kids

It is a book much anticipated, on the link it is described as:

15 Nov 2012
Martha Payne is nine years old. She set up a simple blog neverseconds where she reviewed her school lunches and talked about healthy eating for children. She hoped to raise a few hundred pounds for her favourite charity, Mary s Meals. After 7 million blog hits, one council led banning, being the number 1 story on every news site worldwide and having raised over £115,000 for Mary s Meals, Martha is one of the biggest news stories of the year. Endorsed by Jamie Oliver and Nick Nairn, her story is extraordinary - the little girl who changed lives in Africa, stood up to the government and won the hearts of people all over the world. Find out the real story of the blog, what happened behind the scenes, learn all about Martha's trip to Malawi and how her work is changing the lives of children there. Every copy sold provides 25 school dinners for children in Malawi through a donation to Mary's Meals. Find out about the most inspirational story of the year and help the fight to end hunger in Malawi.

We are what we eat, ours kids are what they eat, our diets can have a positive impact on some of the most serious diseases today (cardiovascular diseases, diabetes). So, as a father of two and a food chemist, I think that Martha's story will be so interesting for all of us. Her blog is a must-to-follow!

I can not understand though why "Argyll and Bute Council were not so enamoured though and banned Martha from taking photos of her dinners."
as we read on the link, it was a short-lived ban, for 26h...
The positive though is this: the kids can now get unlimited salad and can come back for more fruit (as Martha explains)


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