Wednesday, 21 November 2012

a letter from Scotland

it's been a beautiful day, with stimulating discussions on lipids, biosynthesis, chemical biology and nutrition.

The day ended with my favourite pub food (steak's pie) and a pint of Deuchars IPA. [india pale ale, the distinctive ale with the hoppy flavour, a legacy from the era that beer was shipped to India and to last the long way around Africa, it contained more hops!)

Companion at dinner tonight...a book!

The book that talks about what our kids eat.

It is a truly fascinating read.I have read now about 40 pages and I am going to keep reading till my eyes will be shutting tired...

what do I like most? the true and original way that Martha and her Dad write!

Here are some sentences from "The Seed" that I find really moving...

"It was teaching at its best. M. was learning about social change, engineering and history, and she was doing it through drama, model building and writting, but more than that she was having fun" [on the Titanic and how through play and drama, different virtues can be taught in a very effective way] [Education without fun is not proper learning...]

"The culture of helping each other was deep seated and respected. It was the norm here and some of the most difficult chats I had with friends were not because I was asking too much of them but that I was asking too little" [on friendship]

"I encouraged my children to take a school lunch despite the cost of 2.00 pounds because i saw it as an opportunity for them to choose from a menu and to sit with their friends, neither of which they could do at home" [on social aspects of food and eating]

"Common sense had not left our school" [I wish that was the case in other countries as well]

It is a book worth every penny...not only because we learn what our kids actually eat (at the Intro of the book, Nick Nairn points out that "meals in countries far poorer than the UK outshine ours in temrs of quality, appearance, and nutritional value by a mile")
but also because of the benifits of children in Malawi (each book feeds 25 children in Malawi)

[copying Martha's indices]

my pub meal tonight...

Food-O-meter : 8/10
Mouthfuls : forgot to measure...I was reading...
Courses: pub
Healthy rating: 8/10
Appearance: 5/10 [just a pastry on itw own sitting on some cooked meat...hmmm]
Value for money: 10/10 (@ 7.49 pounds)

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