Sunday, 28 October 2012

We are all Schortsianitises

We are ALL Schortsianitises
(the title is based on the concept we are all Berliners, it is not 100% correct English, but anyway, it does the job I hope...)

Disgusted at this comment that Schortsianitis is not Greek.
Disgusted because it is such a fascist comment that it should ring a bell on where this country is going.

In Greece today, there are many people who are Greek and are married to people that were not originally Greek or are not Greek. So what? Does this fact make their children less Greek? 

The colour of our skin, our surname or the origin of our mother, what do they have to do with our Greek-ness?
In History, the successful civilizations were those which combined the potential of different people and they amalgamated them into Success.

Greece, today, is doing exactly the opposite. It is tearing apart any social network...and it is pushing abroad the best brains, the best scientists and the best professionals. It is simply commiting suicide. And the new dawn will surely be dark...not golden at all... 


Yannis Zabetakis said...

In the elections of 1928 the Nazis, who had - like Golden Dawn in Greece - been reduced to a splinter group in the years of economic recovery, got just 2.7%.

But in March 1930, as the Wall Street Crash cratered the German economy, a cross-party coalition government of the centre left and right collapsed. It was replaced by the first of three "appointed" governments - designed to avoid either the communists or the now-growing Nazis gaining power.

It was led by Heinrich Bruning. Faced with a recession, Bruning followed a policy of austerity, while keeping Germany's currency pegged to the Gold Standard (much as Greece as follows a policy of austerity dictated by euro membership). This made the recession worse.

As unemployment rocketed, so did the Nazi vote: in a shock breakthrough they came second in the elections of September 1930, with 18%. But Bruning was determined to crack down on both the right and left: he banned the Nazi paramilitary organisation, the sturmabteilung, along with the rival communist uniformed militia.

As recession worsened, the Nazis grew massively: they won the election in 1932, gaining 14 million votes (37%).

Αριστοτέλης Ζαμπετάκης said...

Είναι απίστευτο πόσο γρήγορα συγκροτούνται οι λαικές εθνικιστικές πλειοψηφίες σε περιόδους οικονομικών αδιεξόδων ! Και οδηγούνται πειθήνια στις πολεμικές αναμετρήσεις , 1920 -1922 οι Έλληνες , 2ο Παγκόσμιο Πόλεμο οι Γερμανοί κλπ , κλπ

Yannis Zabetakis said...