Thursday, 29 September 2011

World Have Your Say: What do Greeks want from Germans? [BBC radio World Service, 28.9.2011]

With the Eurozone in crisis, the futures of Greece and Germany are getting more and more intertwined. In this show Germans and Greeks speak to each other about what help, if any, Greece needs from Germany - and if Germany should be prepared to give it. We also speak to people in Saudi Arabia after a women is sentenced to ten lashings for breaking the driving ban.

You can listen to the radio show by clicking here.

[I have tried to highlight the shortsightedness of the austerity measures imposed to Greece by troika from min.5.50 to min 12.50. It was very interesting and rather sad to see the mentality of the german guests on the programme. I think that Germany, as portrayed by the german guests, really wishes not to save Greece but just to "look" as a leader. They are also bothered too much about the mechanistic details of EFSF without having a clear answer to people's question: "what makes you think that these austerity measures are going to save Greece, bring jobs and development?". As I said on the programme, it is like giving poison to 100 people, 20 die and 80 survive. This is what we want?]

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