Saturday, 17 September 2011

this is PASOK...[p.s. when are they going home?]


Greek school books contain a harsh economic lesson

Greece in 2011 is not just a country facing a severe financial crisis. It is a place where the government is sacrificing its people to satisfy foreign and Greek banks. This government is taxing the poorest of the poor, while leaving in place the privileges enjoyed by the banking sector, the church (the biggest landowner in the country) and the ship owners. In 2010, Greek ship owners, who own 16% of the world's merchant navy, paid just €10m in taxes. Meanwhile, destitute immigrants contributed €50m for their legalisation process.

και στα ελληνικά για να το εμπεδώσουμε!
το 2010, οι έλληνες εφοπλιστές, που κατέχουν το 16% του παγκόσμιου στόλου, πλήρωσαν σε φόρους €10 εκατομ. ενώ οι οικονομικοί μετανάστες €50εκατομ. για να νομιμοποιηθούν...

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