Wednesday, 12 January 2011

dioxins...update...12.1.2011 @ 13.00

The news came as the UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) said that liquid egg tainted with the chemical had entered the food chain after being used in cake and quiche products and sold in supermarkets. The pasteurised liquid egg, imported from the Netherlands, had been partially made with eggs from farms whose animals had been exposed to feed containing industrial fats contaminated with dioxin.
The FSA stressed there was no food safety risk from eating the cakes or quiches and said the “majority of products will have been sold and most have passed their ‘use by’ or ‘best before’ dates”. Supermarkets, including UK leader Tesco, withdrew affected items thought to contain liquid egg from two suppliers Kensey Foods, Cornwall and Finsbury Food Group subsidiary Memory Lane Cakes Ltd, Cardiff.

Tesco Ireland has withdrawn a number of products from supermarket shelves following a contamination scare.
The precautionary measure was taken after eggs from Germany containing low levels of dioxins were found in cakes and quiches sold in the UK.

Germans go organic in dioxin scare

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