Wednesday, 29 December 2010

a whole year in just 3 pictures...

A New Delhi rag-pciker at work on the Ghazipur landfill site, 18 February 2010
Daniel Berehulak: "This waste site is one of the biggest in Delhi. It’s three-to-four kilometres square, with this landscape of rubbish mountains that changes every day as new rubbish comes in from the city. There are hundreds of men, women and children working there, foraging through the garbage and collecting whatever is valuable – and everything is valuable, from plastic to metal. The smell is incredible because in among it all is plant waste and animal entrails that have been thrown out. But after an hour there you can’t smell anything. My sense of smell didn’t come back for a couple of days afterwards. I noticed this girl quite early on – she was very striking in among it all. Sometimes you can get desensitised to what you’re seeing, but when you ­relate it back to your own life, when you think that person is the same age as my niece, then it can really hit you"

A student fees demonstrator kicks the windows of Millbank Tower, Westminster, 10 November 2010

A protester on the attack near the ­parliament building in Athens, 5 May 2010 Aris Messinis: "This picture was taken during the huge demonstration in Athens, when the austerity measures had just been announced. There are always a lot of protests in Greece but there was a very strange feeling at this one, a feeling that it was a real uprising. I spotted this guy’s silhouette ­coming out of the smoke and took a load of photographs. It’s not that unusual to have a gasmask; I always bring a gasmask, and a helmet, because photographers tend to be targets for both protesters and policemen at these demos. But this guy was interesting to me because he was not wearing anarchist clothes, just normal casualwear. That demo finished really suddenly, after the three people burned to death in the bank. Since then there haven’t been any really big demonstrations. Greeks are patient people, but when they get angry they will destroy everything"

I was amazed this morning reading the Guardian today and in just 3 picures...there was the epitomy of 2010!
The search for food, education and a worthliving future...

Σήμερα το πρωί, διαβάζοντας τον Guardian μέσα σε 3 φωτογραφίες βρήκα την επιτομή του 2010!
η δίψα για ψωμί - παιδεία - ελευθερία....



katalytikos said...


Athanasios said...

Γιαννη μου, μου επιτρεπεις μια συμπληρωση: "Ψωμι,Παιδια Ελευθερια" για μια "αξιοβοιωτη αναπτυξη" ανθρωπων και τοπων .
Για αυτο δεν τους χαριζομαστε πλεον!!Εφοσον παραμενουν απροθυμοι να υπηρετησουν τα δικια του κοσμου!!!
Επ΄ονοματι αυτων,με μπροσταρηδες την νεα Γενια,ολος ο κοσμος, ας αξιολογει τα τεκταινομενα και πρεπει να ωριμαζει "τις συνθηκες και προυποθεσεις" ανατροπης μιας τετοιας εξουσιας τους!!
Καλα αγωνιστικα κουραγια και στον χρονο που μας ερχεται Φιλικα Θανασης

Yannis Zabetakis said...


καλή χρονιά! με πιο πολλές αναρτήσεις!

Yannis Zabetakis said...


αξιοβοίωτη (για να μοιάζει στη Βοιωτία?) ή αξιοβίωτη από το βίος?

νομίζω το δεύτερο, my Dear Watson!

η αξιολόγηση και η ωρίμανση είναι μια αργή χημική αντίδραση, πρέπει να βρούμε καταλύτες! πριν πάθουμε περγαντίαση ...ασθένεια μη ιάσιμη και άκρως μεταδοτική!

καλή χρονιά! Αγωνιστική! και Συντροφική!