Friday, 10 December 2010

time to stop the monkey politicians

it took me few months to realize my mistake!

Yes! I do make mistakes in politics from time to time... (I once supported EcoGreens in Greece...)

Last Easter, I wrote on this blog to vote for Clegg in UK's elections, but yesterday's developments in the House of Parliament and outside...have shown that the guy is a bloody liar!

Well, in the country of Bliar-Blair...what's new? We had some liars in power from 1997 onwards, from last April we have more liars in power.

The problem is not about lying though! George Papandreou is also a bloody liar...

But, above the lies, the problems do exist...and the biggest problem today is how to to get the right qualifications to find this elusive job in a shrinking job market...maybe going to University is not enough to get a job, maybe you need 2 or 3 degrees today...but going to Uni...and taking part in the intellectual activities there...(scientific and political) do sharpen your mind...

So, yesterday's vote for the fees in UK Uni's is a casus belli ! We need to declate WAR to these monkey politicians who try to limit Education only for the wealthy elite...


P.S. we still  do NOT need NO education

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