Monday, 27 December 2010

spending and true happiness...

the financial crisis will be with us on 2011 so...this festive season, let's have a break and think what really makes us happy!
Why do we eat more? Why are we so much fatter than 1986? Men are more 7kg fatter and women more than 5...
And actually, why do we keep spending, buying, consuming???

It is quite strange...
While incomes per head in the UK are 12% above the European Union average, consumption per head is 25% higher, second only to Luxembourg.
Does spending mean more self-esteem? More happiness? More what then???

Hmmm, probably not.
So why are we so obsessed with GDP, growth rates, inflation and so on? The things that matters are not there...

Let's invent indeces about sunshine, friendship, a walk by the sea, fishing with our kids, real care, true love! Can we?

Let's pose for some days and look for them...

What really makes us feel happy???

Music & Lyrics : George Hora and Kamelia
Produced by: George Hora

STUDIO 66 TImisoara

Management & Booking by Cris Agency

When you look into my eyes tell me what you see,
Do you feel my love for you makes you happy, sets you free?
When you look up in the sky tell me what you see,
If you only see the clouds, I know the remedy:

It's in the ocean, yeah!
Happiness is all around, happiness!
It's in the sunlight, yeah!
Happiness is all around...

Open your eyes wide,
Open your eyes...Oooooh!
Open your eyes wide,
Open your eyes...Ohhhh!

Huh, hah, heh, hah, ram-pa-dam, hah, heh, hu tam-tam,

Huh, hah, heh, hah, ram-pa-dam, hah, heh, ram-tam-tam

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