Wednesday, 14 April 2010

where are the real terrosists?

Spring 2003, I had just started working at the Uni of Athens as a Lecturer.
I just had finished the bloody army service and watching the news from Iraq every day where the invasion was a full scale!
An anglo-american invasion based on politically manipulated data from Tony Bliar [the WMD in Iraq were never found!]

MI6, are you OK?

Those days, I had sent an email to the British embassy in Kolonaki, Athens, Gr
about a EU15 summit that would take place in Athens and I wrote to them to inform the then PM (Tony Bliar) not to come to Athens because we are going to make lots of noise!

You see, I am a British citizen as well and I got the bloody right to complain about Bliar-manipulation of data!

The MI6 of Kolonaki...thought that this email was a threat! They passed it to the Greek Police and one day I got a phone call from a greek police officer at my office in Uni who told me all the above story with my email.

This guy was really polite! This is what I can recall!

And of...course, he laughed when he asked me "Mr Zabetakis, you are not a terrorist, are you?"

This story came to my mind today when I read on today's TA NEA

[Εσπασε κώδικες των τρομοκρατών το κομπιούτερ της Σκότλαντ Γιαρντ, ΡΕΠΟΡΤΑΖ: Στέλιος Βραδέλης ]

the involvement of Scotland Yard... again!

Michalis Xrisoxoidis knows that without the British know how... there was never real progress!

Brittania rules the waves!
but, the real terrosists are not the 10 people arrested these days in Athens.
The real ones are some bloody white collars (i.e. Bush, Blair) who have started a war in Iraq...

Every week or so, a British soldier is killed in Afghanistan...

and do NOT forget that this terrorism has created the massacre of 7.7 in London...

a different approach is urgently needed!

an approach with Respect to all people and all countries!

got it?

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