Thursday, 11 March 2010

Kid-Safe Chemicals Act

How much tuna can you eat safely?
EWG tells you what the FDA won't.

EWG Action Fund
published by the EWG Action Fund

"Our children should not be used as guinea pigs. So it's time to
update the law and protect them. We cannot waste this opportunity."
-- Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ)


Every day, I try
to make the healthiest choices I can for my son.
But there are some
things I just can't control, like the
harmful chemicals that might
have already been in his blood when he was born.

A "pre-polluted baby" might sound like science fiction,
but it is
exactly what EWG discovered when
we did research into the umbilical
cord blood of ten Americans.

We found nearly 300 chemicals in their cord blood, including BPA, perchlorate,
fire retardants, lead,
mercury, and PCBs.

We can stop this pre-pollution, but
that means enacting stronger
chemical laws that
will protect babies like Cal.

We're hearing that
the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act
may be introduced this month and we are
trying to get 75,000 people to sign
our petition before then to show
Congress that
Americans want protection from these chemicals.

We are
just 5,375 signatures away.

You have stood with us already, but we
still need your help.

Please ask your friends and family to speak up

:: You can forward this message and your friends
can click here to
support the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act today by signing our petition to

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and Facebook,
Sign the Kid-Safe petition
( and

help babies from being born pre-polluted.

Only 4 days to get 75,000 signatures!

The time is right now in Washington

The Kid-Safe Chemicals Act could be
introduced as early as this month.

This is the window of opportunity
we've been waiting for, but in the
current political climate,
windows close quickly and unpredictably.

If we don't give it our absolute all NOW,
when the political momentum is
there, we may lose this chance.

Simply put:
It's time to introduce the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act.

Why the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act?

The Kid-Safe Chemicals Act would
require that chemicals are proven
safe for our children
before they ever hit the market.

We need a new
system because babies, like my 1.5 year old son,
are being polluted before they're
even born.

The chemicals we found in
our testing are increasingly linked to
serious long-term health effects like
learning deficits, infertility,
ADHD and even childhood cancer.

Making sure our children aren't
being born pre-polluted is too
important to not take action.

Tell your friends and family to sign our
petition today
to let Congress know it is time for them to act by:

:: Forwarding this email and
they can click here to take action,;

:: Posting on Twitter,,

and Facebook,

Sign the Kid-Safe petition
and help babies from being born pre-polluted.

Only 4 days to get 75,000 signatures!

Thank you for your continued activism
to protect children and
helping us put toxic
chemicals on Congress' "to do" list.

It's time.


Ken Cook, President
Environmental Working Group
and EWG Action Fund


ΙωάννηςΚ (πρώην ioannisk) said...

Πολύ φοβάμαι ότι ειναι πολλά τα τρόφιμα που έχουν βλαβερές ουσίες...

Μπράβο για το κειμενό σου.

fantasy said...

Πάει και αυτό το κόψαμε πέρισυ. Κόψε αυτό κόψε εκείνο όντως δεν χρειάζομαι ένα μισθό. Γιώργο χαλάλι σου.